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Urban Design: Green Dimension (2nd ed.)

Buku yang disusun oleh Cliff Moughtin dan Peter Shirley ini menjelaskan mengenai …

The principles of Transit-Oriented Development are:
1. Orgamize growth on a regional level so that it is compact and transit-supportive.
2. Locate commercial, housing, jobs, parks, and civic uses within walkinh distqnce of trqnsit stops.
3. Design pedestriqn-friendly street networks which directly connect local destinations.
4. Housing should be a mix of densities, tenure and cost.
5. Sensitive habitat, riparian zones, and high-quality open spaces should be preserved.
6. Public spaces should be the focus of building orientation and neighbourhood activity.
7. Encourage infill and redevelopment along transit corridors within existing neighbourhoods.

Moughtin, C. and Shirley, P. 2005. Urban Design: Green Dimension. Oxford: Architectural Press.


My most important people

My most important people

I’ll be missing you, guys.

Achieving Sustainable Urban Form

“.a form is taken to be sustainable if it: enables the citu tp function within iys natural and man-made carrying capacities; is ‘user-friendly’ for its occupants; and promotes social equity.”

Kutipan di atas merupakan definisi awal yang dikemukakan

Buku yang disusun oleh Katie Williams, Elisabeth Burton dan Mike Jenks ini memaparkan definisi dari Sustainable Urban Form serta cara-cara untuk mencapainya.

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